Veterinary department

The DAGU veterinary department is run by a veterinary physician specialising in the field of Animal Nutrition and two other veterinarians.

They provide technical advice to customers of the feed plant. in addition to working with two Health Defense Groups to help them implement their health plans.

They provide chicks with care and attention from their first day on the farm and adaptation to what will be their home during egg laying: the DAGU breeding farms located within a radius of less than 25 kilometers from the packing station in Cabanillas.

The veterinary department takes care of health and protection from the time the egg is fertilised to the time the chick is born: they are responsible for managing the health and production of poultry breeding and egg laying farms together with the farmers.

Once in the egg laying facility, our team ensures the welfare of the animals in accordance with the principles of good food, good accommodation, good health and appropriate behaviour.

DAGU has become the first Spanish poultry firm to be certified in accordance with the most demanding animal welfare protocol Welfare Quality.

All our chickens are cared for by expert farmers, our own veterinary team and a nutritionist that creates a suitable diet adapted to each batch. The feed is produced at our plant using the latest cutting-edge technology and is subject to strict controls.

One of the essential factors of well-being is health, and our bio-security measures are extreme, with farms isolated from other activities with restricted access for personnel and vehicles involved in the activity.