DAGU’s commitment to sustainability and caring for the environment has been of paramount importance ever since our early days. We implement continuous improvement at all our facilities and farms and in our processes in order to reduce the environmental footprint of our activity. 

We work on a daily basis to improve our processes: For example, to optimise the consumption of resources such as water, electricity and feed. We conduct the online treatment of livestock waste and work towards making our farms self-sufficient and energy-efficient through the use of clean photovoltaic energy.

Find out more about our projects geared to reducing environmental impact:

  • We have drawn up a plan for the gradual implementation of photovoltaic cells on our farms: Our biggest facility already has a 600 kW photovoltaic facility that produces energy similar to that consumed by the farm.
  • Our feed plant minimises dust emissions.
  • We reduce atmospheric emissions through improvements to the ventilation system in livestock buildings and by manufacturing feed in line with recommended protein and phosphorus content.
  • We save water due to having installed anti-drip, low consumption drinking water systems.
  • We save electricity due to having installed LED lighting, low-consumption fans and automatic indoor climate control systems at our farms.
  • At our biggest facility, we dry the chicken droppings generated by the farm using the same ventilation system used to ensure the well-being of the birds. This enables us to obtain dry droppings without consuming more energy, while significantly reducing emissions of ammonia.
  • The new generation of DAGU containers and packaging, due to arrive on the market in 2021, has been redesigned to minimise the use of resources and will be 100% plastic-free and 100% recyclable.
  • The chicken droppings collected from our farms are used as organic fertiliser, thereby improving the agricultural soil at our facilities.