A cooperative poultry farming association was founded in the province of Guadalajara in the 1950s for the procurement of feed and services.

In 1974, the decision was made to jointly market the association´s products through the Cooperativa de Producción y Comercialización Ganadera “AGU” which was renamed DAGU, S.A. in 1979. We have been based in Cabanillas del Campo, alongside the Nacional II highway, ever since.

245 people work at DAGU today, 48% of which are women. We are firmly committed to inclusion and our team includes eight people with disabilities.

Based on the experience accrued over the years, DAGU, S.A. now comprises an integrated model of production and marketing.

Our facilities are state-of-the-art throughout the production process: we select raw materials, manufacture feed, produce fresh eggs of the highest quality, sort and pack them, and transport them to stores within 24 hours. We also produce egg products.  

We have always held a leading position at the forefront of the market in our nigh-on 50 years in the egg-laying poultry sector. Our philosophy has always been to cover the entire production process with an externally audited quality management system. We comply with the IFS certification standard for specific food products, in addition to the standard for the manufacture of the feed our hens eat, meaning we are in control of every single detail.

You will appreciate our efforts to continuously improve the training of our workforce and our technical equipment in the quality and flavour of the eggs arriving in your kitchen.