Sweet made with the yolk and sugar with yogurt mousse


Caramel: Make a light brown caramel for the bottom of the mold and cool.

Sweet: Make a thick syrup with water and sugar. Leave to settle until cool and then gradually stir in the beaten and strained egg yolks.
Strain the mixture into a double boiler and boil until firm. Set to one side for cooling.

Mousse: Heat some yogurt and add the jelly, the sugar, the rest of the yogurt and half of the whipped cream. Refrigerate.


Remove the sweet from the double boiler and cut into different shapes and accompany with the yogurt mousse, adorning with the fruit.

Ingredients for four

For the caramel:
200 ml water
200 g sugar

For the sweet:
12 egg yolks
400 g sugar
200 ml water

For the mousse:
250 ml cream
150 g plain yogurt
50 g sugar

Fruit for decoration