Stuffed chicken with egg and Port wine pear with figs and leek


Port wine: dice the pears and then place in a pan with half the Port wine and boil down. Once cold, for every 2 dishes make 2 quenelles and keep the rest of the fig for the stuffing.
Peel the pears, cut in quarters and then place in a pan with the Port wine and sugar, cook over a low heat until tender and then set to one side.

Leek: cut into thin strips and place in a pan with the olive oil and salt. When translucent, add the Port wine and boil down. Keep for the stuffing.

Chicken: Cut the back of the chicken open and remove the bones. Once empty, add the salt, the pepper, the ginger, the oregano, the macerated figs and finally the leek. Then close carefully, making sure the stuffing does not spill and stitch with thread until completely closed, shaping the breast and legs. Once closed, drizzle with some olive oil, salt and roast at 180ºC.

Sauce: Roast the chicken carcasses with the carrots and leek with some oil and salt. Once roasted, place in a pan, add the Port wine and boil down; add the water and boil until the sauce thickens. Drain and bind the juice with corn flour.


Place 2 quenelles on the right side of a dish, leaving space for two slices of pear in between. Then place the chicken and the sauce.

Ingredients for four

For the Port wine pear:
200 g pears
100 g Port wine
80 g sugar
200 g dry figs

For the leeks:
300 g leeks
20 g olive oil
3 g salt
50 g Port wine

For the chicken:
5 g salt
2 g ground black pepper
2 g ground oregano
2 g ginger

For the sauce:
400 g chicken carcasses
20 g olive oil
100 g carrots
100 g leeks
200 g Port wine
500 g mineral water
30 g dark corn flour