Eggs "Flamenca style"


Peel and finely chop the onion and the tomato.
Peel the potatoes and dice.
Peel the Spanish sausage and finely chop the ham. Heat abundant oil in a frying pan and fry the potatoes. Remove and strain.
Drain all the oil, just leaving one tablespoon per person. Fry the Spanish sausage and ham lightly, remove and set to one side.
In the same oil, lightly fry the onion until it starts to go brown and add the tomato, frying at low temperature and adding some salt at the end.
Turn on the oven at a medium-high temperature (180ºC).


In individual earthenware bowls, place two eggs per person in each one, a little salt and add the potatoes, the ham, the Spanish sausage, the peas and the tomato sauce. Place the bowls in the oven until the whites are curdled, but not the yolks. Serve immediately.


8 eggs
100 g of cooked peas
4 small tomatoes
100 g cured ham
4 small potatoes
1 big onion
8 slices of Spanish sausage
Olive oil for frying the potatoes