Poached egg with Manchego ratatouille


Manchego ratatouille: dice all the vegetables and set to one side.
Start cooking by heating the olive oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. When hot, add the onion and fry over low heat; once translucent, add the green and red pepper, fry over low heat and add the zucchini and the eggplant. Cook evenly over low heat and add salt. Then add chopped tomato and cook for five minutes, check and add salt if needed and correct the tomatoes acidity by adding sugar.

Poached egg: poach the eggs inside a mold with 50 ml of oil over medium heat until the white is curdled and the yolk is liquid. Season.

Crusty bread: cut bread with a cookie cutter and fry in olive oil until crisp. Also, cut strips of bread and toast for decoration.


Place a mold the same size as the one used to poach the eggs in the middle of the plate; put the crusty bread and 2cm of ratatouille in the mold, then place the poached egg on top. Decorate with the strips of bread and some sprouts.

Ingredients for four

Manchego Ratatouille:
400 g onion
400 g red pepper
400 g green pepper
400 g zucchini
300 g eggplant
400 g tomato
50 ml olive oil
5 g salt
3 g sugar

Poached egg:
4 eggs
50 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 g salt

Crusty bread:
50 g Sandwich bread

Sprouts for decoration