Cod pie and egg with vegetables


Vegetables: dice the peppers, onion, tomato and egg-plant and fry lightly in a frying pan with olive oil and salt. Once cooked, set to one side.

Pie: boil the eggs in a pot of water for 12 minutes. Once cooked, peel and chop into small pieces and mix with the vegetables. Cut the cod into small dices and add to the vegetables. With a rolling pin smoothen half of the puff pastry and place the vegetables in the middle, spreading them uniformly.

Smoothen the rest of the puff pastry and cover the base, making a double crease with the excess pastry, folding it in over the top layer with the help of a fork and seal firmly.

Brush with egg and bake for about 20 minutes at 180ºC.


Cut the pie into portions and place on a dish with some quenelles or vegetable servings.

Ingredients for four

For the vegetables:
100 g onion
100 g red pepper
100 g green pepper
100 g tomato
100 g egg-plant
20 ml olive oil
5 g salt

For the pie:
200 g pastry
400 g cod
6 eggs