The strategy developed by DAGU has always been based on seven basic aspects:

  • Direct control of all the productive cycle. From the moment we house the hens in the farms to when the eggs reach the customer.
  • Maximum Quality of all our production cycle so as to achieve maximum food safety. We are certified by the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 regulation and IFS (International Food Standard).
  • Quick distribution to all our customers, so as to position our eggs in the shops with the greatest freshness. We have delegations in Galicia, Asturias, The Basque Country, Aragon, Cataluña, Valencia Community, Murcia and Sevilla from where a national logistic coverage is given to the Balearic Islands.
  • A search for constant improvement in all the processes.
  • Our commitment with our workers. Offering a good working environment and continuous training.
  • Our commitment with our customers, adapting to their needs.
  • Our commitment with the environment.

Only this way and with this structure, has DAGU been able to lead the Spanish egg market, with the absolute satisfaction of our customers, who everyday demand the best value for money.

Our investment plan 2004 - 2009 prepared our model of a company to tackle the challenges that have been identified both at a sector level and at a company level. These investments, on which an important part of our business is based, are supported by a sustainable poultry development.

The new business strategy started back in 2001 with the repositioning of the company relative to the direct involvement in all the productive process. To do this, we took over some farms with layers who were our sole suppliers. We participated in the development of new farms through our Equity Participated Company "El Espinar del Henares SL" and finally in October 2006 we founded the "DAGU Agropecuaria SL Society" (DAGU holding 100%) to undertake new developments in farms.

All our investment projects are based on four fundamental foundations:

  • Economic and Financial viability, as it couldn't be any other way, in a private economic activity.
  • Health, both in food safety, as the basis of all the productive chain, and the workers', through our strict plan in the prevention of labour risks.
  • Our commitment with the Environment, reducing to the minimum the environmental impact, the value enhancement of waste and an efficient use of limited raw materials.
  • Animal welfare.