In DAGU our most important guarantee comes from our experience, which we have acquired over the last 50 years working in the Poultry Farming Sector, always maintaining a Leadership and Vanguard position.

Under the experience built up over the years, DAGU S.A. today makes up an integrated model in Production and Marketing.

DAGU S.A. has modern installations in all the production process points, i.e. where the raw materials are selected, the feed is manufactured, and where the eggs are produced to the highest standards and then graded and packed. We also manufacture egg products.

All the processes we perform, both for the production and marketing of the eggs and egg products are strictly controlled by our own laboratory, which has state of the art technology and complies with the strictest standards of control, thus offering our customers a top quality product.

It was back in the 50´s when a group of professionals linked to the world of cattle started a cooperative movement around Poultry with the purpose of securing their own common supply of feed and services. Then, at the same time, there was a need to face, as one, the marketing of the products. This was when the "Cooperativa de Producción y Comercialización Ganadera" (Livestock Cooperative of Production and Commercialization) was established under the name of AGU. in 1974, and then five years later it became a Public Limited Company under its current name "DAGU S.A.".

It was in 1979 when we moved to our current location and where our headquarters and main premises are based. This is a plot of land of over
35,000 m², next to the National II Motorway Km. 50.6 in the province of Guadalajara.