DAGU SA ranks a top leadership position in poultry farming. We are a consolidated company, with a clear innovative and creative spirit. Ever since our foundation, our philosophy has been to foresee the events and cater for the needs of our customers. We are also a reference in the egg sector.

Our objective over the last years has been to consolidate our leadership, introducing all kinds of improvements in our processes towards guaranteeing the QUALITY, FOOD SAFETY, and TRACEABILITY of our products, within a model of a sustainable company, respectful with ANIMAL WELFARE and the ENVIRONMENT. All this, keeping the relation QUALITY/PRICE in line with the demands of our customers.

This policy, specially designed to cater for the most demanding markets and with the greatest added value, has enabled DAGU to grow substantially in this market sector, as well as becoming one of the most important operators in the export market through the development of commercial mediation with other national producers and the most important European operators, thus guaranteeing the quality of the whole process.

We have developed our volume of assets with the important investments that we have made in all the productive processes over the years:

2002 We purchased a farm with 390,000 layers and founded the society "El Espinar del Henares SL" with a farm for 240.000 layers.

2003 We enlarged and improved the farms of the group.

2004-2005 We built a Feed Mill and a new laboratory with top end technology.

2006-2007 We enlarged and refurbished the Grading Station.

2007-2008 We set up the activity of "Sociedad Dagu Agropecuaria SL", with a new farm with 600,000 layers and we also rented 300,000 layers more. Over this period we also modernized and automated the Grading Station and installed new grading machines, thus becoming one of the most modern plants in Europe.