DAGU S.A.´s management is committed to:

The development of a sustainable business model as a means of optimizing the benefits in the long term and the differentiation from our competitors, understanding sustainability as a global element in the management's commitment with:

  • Economic business feasibility; a key element of the Management with the shareholders, workers, suppliers, customers and any other collaborators.
  • Health, which is materialized in the following aspects:
    • Our commitment with Food Safety as a key element in the production, distribution and marketing of a product.
    • Our commitment with the establishment, development and improvement of the Plan for the Prevention of Labour Risks and Health watchfulness as a basic instrument in the Health Prevention of our Workers.
    • Our commitment with Animal Health as a basic element for Animal Welfare and the securing of healthy and safe livestock products.
  • The Environment; minimizing the impact of emissions and waste generated and the efficient use of raw materials and natural resources.
  • Animal Welfare; as an ethic concept for animal health and food safety.
  • R+D+i to achieve a sustainable business that is differentiated and adapted to the new demands of the market.

An ethical, efficient and socially responsible management of the businesses, which strengthens loyalty and trust between our interlocutors (workers, customers, suppliers, financial institutions, etc.)

The Quality of all our products and processes, establishing policies and objectives, guaranteeing at all times the availability of the necessary means.

The customers, paying special attention to any requirements relative to our products in a competitive way and anticipating their needs and strictly performing the acquired specifications and commitments.

The workers in DAGU S.A., as a key piece in the fulfilment of all the proposed objectives, giving them adequate training and the means and conditions to perform their activities and professional development.